Welcome to The Gifts Of Earth

"Here we appreciate the Earth as a residence and a learning ground. The more we learn about our connection to Earth, the more gifts we get from Earth. These gifts are tools assist us in maintaining and enhancing our lives."


Welcome to The Gifts Of Earth

We see pure (coconut, hemp, tea tree, etc) oils from the Earth can be considered gifts for a few reasons.  Just from putting them on your skin you have now moisturized and nourished your skin naturally. Knowing your skin is gateway to your bloodstream, using pure oils directly on the skin helps to keep the body clean and strong internally as well protected externally.

This is why we prefer to use pure natural oils to give life to our cells, rather than clogging the cells with artificial ingredients.


The Gift Of Earth

Welcome to The Gifts Of Earth

Crystals are another set of gifts. Our research show that crystals are the real children of the earth. Crystals grow in the earth. Each one has its own type of energy and  level of vibration  varied by age and size along with shape and purity.

There are many similarities between the crystals in the earth and the crystals within us.  Some crystals can be used for storing memories/ energy and rearranging information. Which are a few things that we all do on a daily basis. Looking at this as a learning ground, we suggest that you study a little about crystals starting with your birth stones. From there use your intuition and work with the crystals / stones that you’re guided to, to accomplish your open hearted goal.

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